Meet Sherry

Marketing Manager & Business Development Manager
2017 GLDP Batch

Hi my name is…

… Sherry. Born and raised in China, my family and I later moved to Canada where I completed my high school and tertiary education and obtained my Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto. I started my career within the technology industry and spent several years working in both Canada and the US before I decided to make a move back to Asia. I could see so many innovations coming from this part of the world and really wanted to be part of the action! I did my MBA at INSEAD and from there was selected for Boston Scientific’s GLDP. That effectively launched my career in healthcare and medical technology.

My work helps BSC to…

Working in such a dynamic and fast-growing industry, I have had the privilege to work with many different stakeholders within the company and outside it. During the course of my Boston Scientific career, I’ve worked with R&D, engineering, health economics and market access and sales support and got a really good understanding of what they do. We share the same purpose to help people and I feel really passionate about people having access to healthcare and the best possible treatment. This is not without challenges, but the sense of satisfaction is immense.

My most valuable BSC career experience to-date…

… In the last couple of months, I have taken on a commercial role for the Urology business spanning a number of ASEAN countries. With this opportunity, I get to work more closely with local commercial leaders and physicians to create better access to our technology and delivering tangible results for the team.

My advice to people who are interested in the GLDP…

… Develop soft skills such as adaptability, efficient communication and interpersonal skills. These will help you not only professionally but also on a personal level. It also helps to proactively establish connections and trust with both your team mates and those you meet and work with outside the organization.

The GLDP is a high-intensity program that really encourages you to get outside your comfort zone so you need to be open-minded to this. Without a doubt, most learning journeys involve a steep learning curve. The fast-paced nature of Boston Scientific means there’s never a dull moment!

How would you describe working at BSC in three words?

Non Stop Learning. Never have I had a day feeling unchallenged or unfulfilled.