Meet Nicky

Head of Innovation
2018 GLDP Batch

Hi my name is…

… Nicky. I was born in Indonesia and grew up in Australia. I completed my undergraduate studies in Medical Sciences at University of Sydney and obtained my MBA at the Macquarie Graduate School of Business whilst juggling full time work. It was grueling and rewarding at the same time because I was given a golden opportunity to study under scholarship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where I developed and patented a medical device to aid patients suffering from incontinence.

My work helps BSC to…

… contribute to its core value of “meaningful innovation”. The opportunity to work in healthcare is truly a privilege; there aren’t many careers where the work you do can positively impact the lives of millions of patients globally.

For the past six months I have been working with a multi-disciplinary team to bring to market a new medical device that will become an affordable solution to millions of cardiac patients.

Working and leading discussions on engineering, navigating the regulatory landscape and learning about manufacturing processes are new for me and so I’m learning from the experts around me.

I think that sums up a career here; it’s a continuous learning journey and one that allows people to develop expertise in areas you’ll never cover in a lecture theatre. The work is going to be challenging and sometimes uncertain. It requires tenacity to think outside the box and push the boundaries of innovation to better serve our physicians and patients.

My most valuable BSC career experience to-date…

… is the opportunity to participate in the “reverse mentoring” program where we mentor members of the regional leadership team. The program is a unique opportunity for roles to be reversed and challenges both mentors and mentees to learn with one another in a supportive and open way.

I have had many thought-provoking discussions with my mentee on areas in and outside of work, from micro-enterprises to AI and other innovations to our career journey and personal lives. It has been a privilege to learn from such a senior leader at this early stage of my career. I encourage anyone that gets such an opportunity to be bold in taking the lead as they are all avid learners and genuinely open to new ideas.

My advice to people who are interested in the GLDP…

… is to be purposeful in your motivation to join Boston Scientific GLDP. Share with us your personal, professional and social journeys; why would the program align with your future aspirations and how will it help you achieve your career goals.

I find it always helps to take the time to learn about the medical devices industry too. Successful applicants will find themselves exposed to every facet of the business so do your homework first!

Lastly, I highly recommend aspiring candidates to connect with the current GLDPs at the recruitment roadshows. They will be an invaluable source of insight into the Boston Scientific family as you deliberate your next steps.

How would you describe working at BSC in three words?

ABC: Always be Caring. Care for the patients, customers and one another and the business will take care of itself.